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Landing Pages anyone?

Alright so if you have a website or own a business and are trying to capture or target specific audiences you probably have thought about building landing pages. So what exactly are landing pages and what's the point?

Landing pages are exactly what they sound like. Specific pages you create so your end user can find the content/search results and best serves their needs. If you are a restaurant owner and have a website, you'd want to have landing pages for all you menu's, location services, take-out orders, reservations, contact pages. If you're a plumber you should have landing pages for every city you do work in and for every type of specific service you offer. Point is here that you should create a landing page for as many SPECIFIC audiences as you can. Why? Because a more refined search will be places with a more refined web page.

Having one generic page with everything you do, will not bode nearly as well.The searches that come through from major search engines such as google prioritize those pages who cater to the customers needs and inquiry. You can't afford to under do it when it comes to landing pages.

Another useful attribute of a landing page as lead capturing and multi-step funnelling. Softwares such as Click Funnels, provide the ability to build contact generation and conduct sales directed from landing pages geared towards warm customer leads to sky rocket sales. (More on this in a later blog to come).

Landing pages are a key pillar in any SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign and is something everybody with the know how of keyword research can do to significantly increase their organic reach. For more information about how landing pages could serve your business and our process in building out a strong converting SEO Campaign, contact us over at info@nextgenmediacompany.com

Till next time folks.

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