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3 Tips to Get You Started on Creating an SEO Strategy

Hey guys what is up! Keanu here from NextGen Media Company and we've been getting a lot of clients come to us asking about SEO. They're past the point of knowing it is important and that they should be doing some sort of SEO strategy but just not sure what. Today, in this blog post I want to give you guys 3 ultra-simple SEO tips to jumpstart any SEO strategy. Let's get into it!

#1 Know Your Niche

Alright Keanu, thanks for the generic sub-title, but what do you want me to do with that? Good question, what I mean by "Know Your Niche" is to know EXACTLY who your top 3-5 competitors in your space are, what the keywords they rank for are, how much volume they get from those keywords and how much volume those words/phrases produce. You can do this pretty easily by using some free SEO websites out there or better yet, allocating some budget to an SEMrush account and searching up your top 3-5 competitors.

#2 Analyze The Competition

At this point you know all the tops players in your industry have a team dedicated to their SEO. They're poured countless $'s and hours into figuring out the best performing phrases/keywords so you don't have to guess. Use your new findings from step #1 and take a look at how your competitors have structured their web pages to aid in their keyword ranking. Some things to take note of are:

- How many times was this keyword phrase present on the page? (Ctrl + F/Command F)

- How are the keywords displayed? (In large fonts, bold fonts, on buttons/call to actions)

- Are their pictures or videos on the page relating to those keywords? (also keep in mind image quality, POST high quality pictures people!)

#3 Get Dirty (But with some cleanliness too!)

Now that you have answered a lot of the groundwork questions, it's time to put together a plan of what YOU are going to change about your web pages, how you are going to plan your content (whether video/image or blog) and how you're going to maximize the experience customers/clients get when they come to your site for those key words. There's no advice here other than that you gotta put in the dirty work. This is going to take time! Its organic traffic and you are trying to build a BRAND through SEO, not just get some sales for the month.

Make sure you are however maintaining some type of order and consistency. Make a plan of when you're going to tackle re-doing certain pages of your website. What day's you're going to write a blog and what it's going to be about, when you're going to make a new video to put on your social media channels *with integration from your website of course ;)*. SEO isn't a 1 month, 3 month, 6 month thing, it's a forever thing and it requires serious time and preparation. Outlined in this blog is just the tip of the iceberg so when you see people charging $200 to do SEO think twice. If you think working with a professional is expensive, try working with an amateur!

Till next time folks.

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